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china shop Tcbl DC36LT 36L Lightweight Portable 4 Coupling for Connecting Air Tools 11 Bar 160Psi 10 Gallon Aluminum Air Compressor Tank Air Receiver Tank manufacturers

Solution Description

Expert technology alterations people’s lives! We are manufacturer specialised in the creation of substantial-overall performance CZPT s and chopping devices based mostly on CZPT ers’ utilizing requirements with the ongoing investigation and advancement of new technological innovation.
Moveable light-weight air storage tank, lightweight moveable.
It can be employed as an additional exterior fuel storage tank for CZPT s to store a lot more large-pressure air, which can make constant air help for air instruments CZPT . What is far more, the tank CZPT  used as a pneumatic CZPT resource for outside pneumatic tools with out any electrical CZPT .

[Operate and Features]
one. Remedy the dilemma of insufficient air by making use of a fall tank.
2. CZPT tank, light, and moveable: aluminum tank, web excess weight 7.3KGS
3. Four outlet CZPT s: 4 air CZPT s are swiftly linked to meet up with a lot more air offer requirements
4. Pressure adjustment: Pressure can be correctly controlled according to the stress demand from customers of exterior pneumatic resources

Tank ability:36L/10Gallon.
Air inlet: a single inlet.
Maximum strain: 1.2mpa.
Air outlet quick coupling:4 rapid couplings.
Pressure-regulating valve with the double dial.
Web bodyweight :7.2kg.
Item Dimensions: size 635× width 310× top 490mm.

china  shop Tcbl DC36LT 36L Lightweight Portable 4 Coupling for Connecting Air Resources 11 Bar 160Psi 10 Gallon Aluminum Air Compressor Tank Air Receiver Tank makers

china near me shop Elastic Rubber Coupling for Air Compressor manufacturers

Product Description

Fast Specifics
Area of Origin: ZheJiang , CZPT (Mainland)
Model Identify: CZPT
Product Amount: ELASTIC rubber coupling G80HE rubber coupling
Applican: CZPT equipment
Engine Model 1: for Hatz 2L/3L/4L41C 2M/3M/4M41
Engine Design 2: for Hatz W35
Engine Design 3: for Hatz 1D81/1D90 Z788/Z789/Z790
Product: ELASTIC rubber coupling G80HE rubber coupling
Devices: Excavators, bulldozers, Wheel loader flange
Description: Engine CZPT CZPT
Material: CZPT , PA6
Coupling assy: CZPT ment+Insert+Hub+Bolt
Accessible: In stock
Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: ELASTIC rubber coupling G80HE rubber coupling
1. spare areas, with carton bundle as usual for mini get
two. Principal pump, wooden box
3. if need picket pallets, the CZPT er requirements to pay for the wooden pallet fees
JS330LC CZPT coupling, hyd. pump coupling for JS330LC
Shipping Depth: 1-7 doing work times right after payment

ELASTIC rubber coupling G80HE rubber coupling, Elastic rubber coupling for CZPT
Materials alternatives for H sequence CZPT s
H sequence coupling we produced is produced of Hytrel. It has elasticity like that of rubber. It is excellent in absorbing vibrations and shocks. It also excels in resistance to warmth, reduced temperature and oil.
Input and output can be connected and disconnected easily just by relocating axially. By employing a special claming mechanism, mounting in a spline shaft is possible. Hub and spline shafts are totally set by making use of a clamping hub of the mechanism. No fretting use is triggered.
Technological Info

COUPLING “H” Series CZPT AL Information
                           SIZE  30H 40H 50H 110H 140H 160H
TECHNICAL Information
DESCRIPTION Image Unit 500 600 800 1200 1600 2000
Nominal Torque Tkn Nm
Highest Torque Tkmax Nm 1400 1600 2000 2500 4000 4000
Optimum Rotational velocity Nmax Min-one 4000 4000 4000 4000 3600 3600
COUPLING “A” Sequence CZPT AL Information
SIZE 4A/4AS 8A/8AS 16A/16AS 25A/25AS 30A/30AS 50A/50AS 140A/140AS
DESCRIPTION Symbol Device 50 100 200 315 500 700 1700
Nominal Torque Tkn Nm
Optimum Torque Tkmax Nm one hundred twenty five 280 560 875 1400 2100 8750
Greatest Rotational velocity Nmax Min-1 7000 6500 6000 5000 4000 4000 3600

Software Variety: Main pump of CZPT or other construction CZPT s


1. What is your main activity (do you offer with engine substitution areas, gasoline technique, undercarriage, and many others)? 

We primarily do the couplings, seal kits, electric parts, gear parts, and bearings.

2. Which type of machinery you function with (bulldozers, CZPT loaders, graders, CZPT s, and many others)? 


3. What versions do you do?

We mainly do small to medium size CZPT s.

four. Do you have the stock? 

Most of CZPT merchandise are in inventory.

5. Can you send out us the cost lists (so that we do not usually hassle you when we need the price tag info)? 

Sorry that we never have a price tag checklist. You happen to be welcomed to speak to us if you require everything.

6. If we make the buy, can we spend as an individual? Or we must make the agreement for every single delivery? 

We accept CZPT ern CZPT , PayPal, T/T.

For modest orders, we recommend CZPT ern CZPT and PayPal. 

For PayPal, you’ll want to spend an additional 5% of the total sum to include the PayPal cost.

For T/T, you will need to have to pay an extra 50USD to cover the lender cost and managing cost if purchase significantly less than 1000USD.

seven. What is your common way of supply?

Normally, we ship with DHL, UPS, EMS. We also send out by sea by bulk buy.

To Russia,  We can also send with Russian line. Russian line is a shipment way despatched by truck and teach.

Very hot sale items advice:                                                                                                                                                             

Original Excavator Areas CZPT CF-A sequence CZPT Flexible Torsionally Shaft CZPT

  What couplings model do we produce?

We have several couplings series including:

A/AS series, H series, G/C series, T series, S series, I series, Clutch series, HO series, Spline series, 

Gear Hub series, etc.

 What machines do our couplings use on?
Our couplings are broadly used on diesel engines, front power take-off, gen-sets, compressors, CZPT s, pumps, boat drives, hydraulic pumps on diesel engines & hydrostatic construction drives: CZPT , vibratory rollers, cranes, dumpers, forklifts, concrete mixers, and pumps, road finishers, rail automobiles, agricultural machines, tractors, small compressors
  Details of Our Couplings Series: The couplings we provide can be used on machine model as follow:

337, 311, 331


E70B, E307, E308, E70B, 308B, E140, E120, E312, E120B, E311, E320, E320B, E320C, E325, E330, E240B(3116T), E240, CAT322, E240B, E325C, E330, E330D, 324-4415, 324-4451, 239-6479, 289-0169, C9, E330DL E330DN, 320D, 7Y-0643, 305-4951,305-4952, 374-6053, E352C, E485 , E330C, E320C, E320D, E345B, E325B, E200B

DH35, DH280, DH55 DH550, DH80-7, DH225-7, DH220-5, DH258-7, DH150-5, DH130-3, DH220-3, DH300 , DH320 , DH280, DH300-7, DH215-9, DH225-9, DH370, DH70, DX300LC,

EX55, EX55, EX40, EX100, EX120, EX400, EX120-2, UH052, UH053, UH04-7, UH045-7, UH04-5, EX60-1, EX90, ZAX60, ZAX120, ZAX70, EX120-6, EX200-2 EX220-2, EX200-5, EX120-2, EX120-3, EX120-5, ZAX240,  EX200-6, ZAX270, ZAX200, EX220, EX220-1, EX200-1, EX200-3, EX200-5, 4334891, 4655134, EX300, EX300-5, ZAX330, EX270, ZAX360, ZAX350-3G/F, EX400, EX200-6, ZX450 ZAX330-3 4456914, ZAX460MTH, ZAX480MTH, 4636444, ZX470-3, EX470, ZAX470, ZAX450-3, ZAX450-3F, ZAX500LC-3F, ZAX520LC-3F, ZAX520LCH-3F, ZAX350K-3, ZAX330-3, ZAX250H-3, ZAX250K-3, ZAX210K-3                                              

R60, R200 R210, R225-7, R215-7, R300 , R305-7,  

JS210, JS330LC, JS200, JRJ5713, JS240, JS260            

790D, 1571D, 1110D, 1400D,   

HD250-1, HD250-5, HD250-7, HD400SEV, HD450SEV, HD700, HD800, HD880-1, HD1250 HD850, HD2045

10E-sixty-25130, PC10-1, PC20, PC30, WA30-1, PC10, PC20, PC30, PC40-7, PC40, PC35, PC50, PC30-5, 20T-01-31110, 3D95S-W-1C BM571C-1 CD30R-1 GC50-1 PC20-3 PC25-1 PC25R-1 PC30-1 PC30-3 PC30-5 PC30-6 PC30-7 PC30R-7 PC30R-8 PC35MR-1 PC35MRX-1A PC35R-8 PC38UU-1 PC38UU-2 PC38UU-3 PC38UUM-2 PC40-1 PC40-2 PC40-3 PC40-5 PC40-6 PC40-7 PC40MR-1 PC40MR-2 PC40MRX-1 PC40R-8 PC40T-7 PC45-1 PC45MR-1 PC45MRX-1 PC45R-8 PC50MR-2-AC PC50MR-2 PC50UD-2 PC50UG-2 PC50UU-2 PC50UUM-2 PC58SF-1 PC58SF-1 PC58UU-3 PW30-1 PW30T-1 WA20-2 WA30-5-CB WA30-5-CN WA30-5-X WA30-5 WA30-5 WA40-3-CB WA40-3-CN WA40-3-X WA40-3 WA50-3-CB WA50-3-CN WA50-3-X WA50-3 WA50-3 WA50-3 WA50-6, PC40-5, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC300-1  PC300

SK03, SK04, SK04N, SK40, SK50UR, SK03, SK100-2, SK100-5, SK60, SK03, SK75, SK120-1, SK120-3, SK120, SK60, SK120-3 , SK460-8 SK200, SK07N2, SK230, SK200-6(YN30P57102F2), SK200-6, SK250, SK230, SK200-7, SK250-8, SK220-3(6D16 2418R219S1), SK220-3(6D14), SK230(6D34), SK230-6(6D34), SK320-6(2418R219S1)SK350-8, SK07 SK09 SK12 ,SK300, SK400, Part #: LS30P57104F1 SK480  

SK450 HD1243 2418R660S001 LS30P57163F1 SK460-8 SK480LC-8 LS30P57163S004 LS30P57163S003 SK400LC-IV K3V180DT LS30P57163P1 K5V200DTP,   

 MS070-8 MS120-1, MS120-2, MS140-8  MS110

SH60, SH160, SH120, SH100 , SH260, SH135 SH265, LS3400, SH280-1 SH280-2, LS4300EJ, SH130-5, SH75, SH330 KTJ2234 SH340 SH350, SH460,  SH30, SH200

EC60, EC210

Others: VH25-7, EM100 ,ROS R1100, PDS750, PDS850, 212D, 5985712, 3222307839,

HPV102, 8DC8 8DC9, TierII 522192, 60, 1006-6T, BOMAG BW 213 DH-3, SAKAI SV512D(ROLLER) , 175,  6BT5.9, K5V200, 45571, 1615622900,

385, 396, 415, 416,  455, 485,

VIO75, VIO70, 172187-71200, 1615682500, 4DNV98


china  near me shop Elastic Rubber Coupling for Air Compressor manufacturers

china shop Screw Air Compressor Parts 88290010-076 R 10-50 Falk Cover Coupling manufacturers

Solution Description

Solution details

8829571-076 CZPT Air CZPT Elements  R10-50 Falk Go over CZPT  
Technical specs
Versatile or Rigid:
Regular or CZPT normal:
Model Identify:
wrapflex coupling
Location of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Product Amount:
Taper lock 70R-4535 wrapflex coupling
materials of hubs:
S45C/1045 metal/GG25
bore type:
straight bore or taper bore
Taper lock bush:
4535 taper lock bush for wrapflex coupling
Bore size:
fifty five-110mm
aspect materials:
Pump technique,compressor,reducer,supporters
HS Code:
Rexnord wrapflex coupling
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Specifics:
plywood case/customized bundle.
Shipping and delivery Depth:
two-thirty Days
Wrapflex Elastomeric CZPT s are CZPT lubricated, content-flexing couplings, which are utilised in a selection of applications in numerous industries.
They have outstanding vibration dampening capacity and high-misalignment potential, offering prolonged lifestyle to linked tools. The couplings offer a replace-in-place design and style for rapid installation and alternative.
Feature •
Staying away from impulsive load, substantial efficient driving and dependable operation • Set up or eliminate the factor radially and eady of maintenance for shaft seal
Procedure of CZPT
Claw variety surface area to floor design and style, has the function of defending, vibration and shock can generate successful damping and reduce the running in method. Claw variety tooth two sleeve are offset in the circumferential direction, in the gap in a quincunx elastic body of involute. When little deviations in the set up, the elastic physique avoids the pressure focus. Can effectively compensate the axial, radial and angular displacement. Column pin coupling elastomer previous-fashioned type of massive quantity, shear result, effortless to harm, even though the elastic physique new claw kind couplings only underneath the extrusion pressure, so it can stand up to increased load, better put on resistance, CZPT er support lifestyle. And the two the amount of set up, and can be mounted vertical.
Traits of coupling goods:
1, Has the benefits of basic composition, secure overall performance, stable procedure
two, A few component framework, easy set up and upkeep.
three, Hub and elastic physique, a variety of supplies to select from, to make certain that all can operate stably in CZPT environments.
four, Employing a surface matching claw variety shaft hub and involute arc elasticity, can keep away from the pressure focus, the efficient transmission of larger torque, much more resistant to abrasion, CZPT er services daily life. A tiny protuberance pad 5 elastic physique, can isolate the metallic shaft hub make contact with in coupling put in, efficient insulation, no want of lubrication. CZPT of deviation of the cure is deformation takes place through the elastic drive at the complete.
one, We can give CZPT service of het exchangers entirely according to CZPT ers’requirement.
2, We can print logo in accordance to buyers’ requirement.
3, We have been competent by ISO9001:2000 given that 2004. 4
, We has exported to a lot of countries, such as Korea, United states of america, and many others.


screw CZPT CZPT  
with higher good quality and lower price 


Businesss scope


                             CZPT scope
Mechanical Seal :
Temperature Sensor Strain Sensor
Maintenance Kits Solenoid Valve Thermostatic Valve
Air consumption Wheel Gear
Strain Maintaining   Valve
Air CZPT Oil Separator Oil CZPT
Oil Stage Indicator Circuit Board CZPT Control Air consumption valve
Used CZPT Air-stop Oil degree indicator


Further info


No Model Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5/8bar 10bar 13bar
1 GA5P FM .9 .8 .seven .5 5
2 GA7P FM 1.two one.one 1 .8 seven
3 GA11P FM 1.7 one.6 one.5 1.2 eleven
4 GXe15P FM two.fifty eight 2.36 two.eighteen 1.eighty one 15
five GXe18P FM 3.fifteen 3.01 2.61 2.23 eighteen
6 GXe22P FM 3.61 three.five three.1 two.seven 22
seven GAe11P two one.9 1.six one.two eleven
8 GAe15P two.7 2.five 2.3 1.nine 15
9 GAe18P 3.3 three.one 2.seven 2.3 eighteen
ten GAe22P 3.eight 3.7 3.three two.eight 22
11 GAe26P 4.three four 3.seven three.1 26
twelve GAe30P four.8 4.five 4.three three.seven thirty
thirteen GA11+P 2.1 2 one.8 1.five 11
fourteen GA15+P two.8 2.six two.4 2 fifteen
fifteen GA18+P three.five three.3 two.nine two.five 18
16 GA22+P 4.1 3.nine three.5 3 22
seventeen GA26+P 4.eight four.6 4.2 3.six 26
eighteen GA30P five.four five.two 4.eight four.1 30
19 GA30+AP 6.1 6.(8bar) four.eight 3.9 thirty
twenty GA37AP 6.4 six.3(8bar) five.6 4.5 37
21 GA37+AP seven.1 six.9(8bar) five.9 4.nine 37
22 GA45AP seven.7 seven.3(8bar) six.five 5.5 45
23 GA45+AP eight.six eight.(8bar) 7.3 six.one 45
24 GA55AP ten 9.3(8bar) 8.6 seven.four fifty five
25 GA55+(A/W)P 10.6 ten.1(8bar) 8.7 ~~~ 55
26 GA75AP 13.1 12.3(8bar) eleven 9.7 seventy five
27 GA75+(A/W)P fourteen.seven thirteen.8(8bar) 12.two ten.2 75
28 GA90(A/W)P 16.two fifteen.6(8bar) fourteen.one 12 90
Table two            
No Model Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 14bar
1 GA90-(W) sixteen.eight 15.8 fourteen.four eleven.one 90
two GA110(W) twenty eighteen.eight 17 13.nine a hundred and ten
three GA132(W) 24.1 22.9 21 sixteen.8 132
four GA160(W) 30.4 28.nine 26.8 21.7 a hundred and sixty
No Model Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 13bar
5 GA200(W) 36.one 34 thirty.seven 26.1 200
six GA250(W) 43.seven forty one.seven 37.eight 31.seven 250
7 GA315(W) fifty five fifty two 48   315
eight GA355(W) sixty fifty seven fifty three forty six 355

1. What is actually Bare minimum Order CZPT tity of your CZPT portion?

the MOQ is 1pc, require you shell out for the shipping expense.

2. What’s type of your packaging for the CZPT component?
neutral packing or brand pack as your prerequisite

3. Could I get some samples? How could i pay the sample payment?
sure, we can provide sample, but not free of charge.
payment: paypal, westunion ,TT

four. How CZPT is your Delivery CZPT Time ?   
If there is stock, the lead time is about 2 Functioning Days following we get the payment, if want to be produced, it depens.

5. Could you Determine the delivery cost for me?
Of course, we are honored to do that for you! Just before the freight , make sure you properly enable us know which seaport or airport around your area.
six. what is the supply way?
shipping and delivery way: air freight, specific, sea

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china  shop Screw Air Compressor Parts 88290010-076 R 10-50 Falk Cover Coupling manufacturers